Why Flutter is the prime choice for app development?

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2 min readAug 3, 2022

Flutter is relatively new and pretty complex which makes it hard to find developers who truly know how to work with the SDK. And the demand to hire Flutter App Developers is very high.

If you want to hire the best Flutter App Developers in India then this blog from B2C Info Solutions the prime place for all your technical requirements brings some key advantages of Flutter and helps you to hire the right tech team for your requirements.

So let’s start

What is flutter? Why is Flutter so popular?

Flutter is an open-source User-Interface Software Development (SDK) for cross-platform app development. The term “Cross-platform Development” refers to the construction of software that can be operated on different platforms.

Flutter helps you save a lot of money as the tech team doesn’t need to write the code again and again. Flutter Features a layered architecture that speeds up rendering and development.

Developers prefer Flutter for a single codebase for all platforms that allow quick release and deployment of cross-platform applications. This feature is effective and efficient at the same time.

Perks of Flutter Development

Here are some advantages of Flutter Development suggested by experts.

· Single Codebase- App Development in Flutter is quite easier than in native languages. App Development usually requires knowledge of backend languages such as Swift, JavaScript, and working of App Stores. But in Flutter development developers require knowledge of a single language.

· Compatible with every screen- Flutter has some fantastic and unique features allowing developers to create apps on any device with a single codebase, be it desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

· Flexible Layout System- Flutter possesses an easy-to-use and flexible layout system to create long-lasting interfaces. Developers face a common challenge while creating mobile applications.

Flutter uses widgets like rows, columns and stacks, and centers to make the layout compatible across all the devices. This step helps to stack elements horizontally and vertically and on top of each other. It also assists them in padding, alignment, and margins.

· Access to Original Source code- Flutter is an open source framework that allows you to do heavy customization. When you click on the code, you get access to view the original code written by the team. What’s more, you can also comprehend the way the widgets work.

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