Why 75% Of Startups Use React Native for App-Development in 2021?

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3 min readMay 24, 2021

2021 is the year, where the scalability of your business highly depends on how efficient is your mobile & web application services are.

Where startups are still confused about whether they should hire the services of Java, Python, or a top React app development company in Bangalore, companies like Microsoft, IBM, and various others are already enjoying the juice of this ultimate solution framework for app development in 2021.

We are talking about nothing but REACT Native framework for app development. In this article, we will be discussing ‘Why React is the best option to build scalable mobile and web applications for your business.’

Definitive Performance

A framework defines the overall performance of your mobile or web applications. And React Native is on the top of the list of recommended frameworks by Microsoft and multiple other tech giants.

React first came into action when deployed by Facebook on its newsfeed. Since then, big brands like Uber, Airbnb, Dropbox, etc. are using React Native for its unmatched performance & optimization bandwidth.

So, the question is what exactly REACT offer for a maximized level of performance?

Highly Compatible

React is widely praised for its flexibility. It is easily compatible with any other language or framework. Due to this, you can add countless resources to improve your app’s overall performance.

Avoid Unnecessary Renders

React consists of methods like shouldComponentUpdate () and classes like pure component that boosts your application’s productivity by minimizing the wasted background renders.

Much Less Loading Time

Speed & agility is some of the basic characteristics of React Native. It allows you to connect multiple third-party plugins that reduce your app’s loading time like hell. Additionally, you can use compression models in React to reduce memory allocation & reduce the loading time by 20–30% more.

Load time plays a very important role in shaping the user experience. Opting React for such a benefit is a sure shot!


The evolution in web app development is brought to this world by React. Back in the old days, when developers used to build websites using HTML & CSS for the frontend and PHP for the backend, it was the easiest way! But you had to render your HTML files using PHP.

When single-page apps were facing the problem of slow rendering, then REACT came into action with its Virtual DOM.

For instance, if GMAIL stops using the Virtual DOM, your entire browser window would ask you to refresh the entire tab every time just to see the new mail received.

React’s Virtual DOM makes it super easy to update & add new changes. This is one of its best factors that make it a perfect option for your web apps.

Every time you make a change irrespective of its size, a Virtual DOM is created to preview the app how the change looks, and that too without affecting the other components of your web app. This simplifies the whole process making it snappier at the same time.


React has unbelievably large community support. It is cost-efficient, SEO-Friendly, enables quick development, provides great UI & UX, and supports scalability.

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