Top 2 skills that you need to look for while hiring Angular Developers

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Right from starting be it, Forbes, to Paypal many websites and apps built with Angular JS are doing quite exceptional in Digital World. Undoubtedly it has been the center stage of app and web app development. This is mainly due to the advantages offered by the technology such as cross-platform app development, efficient problem-solving patterns, and high-quality apps. This is the prime reason why most enterprises and businesses are looking to hire Angular Developers.

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But before on let’s discuss the comparison between Angular and Angular JS.

Angular is a Type script-based replacement to Angular JS for developing scalable web applications. But now the enhanced version is way more popular and its primary benefits include being simple to construct and having an advanced modular design which makes it faster than Angular JS.

On the other side, Angular JS is written in Javascript and is a common word for all Angular 1. x versions. This was released back in 2009 and is also known as Angular.

1. The open-source single-page app development contains all the unique possibilities such as switching from static to dynamic HTML; it comes with a different number of filters and directives.

Top Skills to Look for in Angular Developers

After deciding to build a front-end app with Angular, finding the right team of developers is the trickest part. With Angular Developers, experience and knowledge are the two most essential, sought-after qualities. So here are the top 2 qualities that you should check.

1. Proficiency in CLI and Javascript

The Angular CLI is the first package a developer should install (NPM). It is the main tool for Angular Installation that helps in installing web development packages. So make sure the candidates are having proficiency in CLI and Javascript.

2. Experience with Javascript Built Tools

The Angular app needs to be constantly updated depending on the needs of the customer. The developers who are developing the application need to keep a track of dependencies, create packages, automate tasks, optimize images and invalidate caches for the customer’s convenience. So for this developers need to have a great experience with Javascript tools.

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