Key Reasons to choose React Native for Mobile App

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It should come as no surprise that digitalization has pushed every single business owner to shift towards the digital market for profitable ventures. As a result, mobile users are expected to grow exponentially within US Market, already a whopping number of 294.15 million users in 2020. There seems to be a promising future for those adapting to the changing digital landscape and mobile app Development Company in Los Angeles

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Reasons to choose React Native Development in Los Angeles

1. Popularity and Influence of React Native- As per the updates, over 31 thousand React Native Applications account for more than 33 billion downloads on Google Playstore and App Store. React Native Apps overall hold a market share of 3.82% and 4.14% of total Installations. It is well backed by Facebook, the framework is responsible for developing for the Facebook mobile app that was created using a single code for android or iOS.

2. Cross-Platform Development- React Native’s Characteristic feature lies in its seamless cross-platform application development i.e. the ability to create a single application that is compatible with multiple platforms, instead of writing separate codes for Android or iOS, React Native acts as a single codebase for both platforms. React Components wrap existing native code and interact APIs via React’s Declarative UI Paradigm and Javascript.

3. Budget-Friendly Operation- Allocating a sufficient budget for developing a project can be a tricky business because it can take up a considerable chunk of investments. Choosing the right framework becomes a principal duty of CTOs and CEOs because it dictates the future of the project and the budget it would require for application maintenance.

4. Immense Community Support- Right after its launch by Facebook as an open-source framework in 2015, react-native has gained quite active support from developers across the globe. Github statistics show what the framework contributes with over 677k users. In addition, there are over 19.8k live projects where developers come together and solve all existing problems.

5. Rapid Development- Speed is of the essence for the developing community and React has eased the path of creating a native-like mobile application within a short span of time. The framework owes its developing speed to code reusability and its live and hot reloading feature that gives real-time feedback on every code. There is no need for developing similar features or combining together manually on various platforms. Thus, even a small team can quickly manage the developing tasks including debugging, testing, and production.

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