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What exactly is mhealth?

The digital Transformation is entering every field out there. It is triggering the everyday activities into Healthcare Mobile Solutions and brings new technologies to our lives. This is not surprising that the healthcare industry has started using mobile solutions to support patients, increase revenue and enhance research.

With a commitment to the deliver innovative and game-changing Telehealth Mobile apps and web solutions, B2C Info Solutions aims to contribute to this revolution in the medical sector by providing exceptional healthcare organizations to improve diagnostics and overall healthcare services in Healthcare Industry.

Key benefits of Mhealth App Development

Wondering what are the benefits of Mhealth App Development? Here are some.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Healthcare apps enable doctors to keep a check on patient’s condition remotely by analyzing previous data using wearable devices.

Effective Communication

Telehealth mobile apps brings new opportunities for patients, physicians for secured texting, video calls and messages.

Patient Engagement

Healthcare app development services can help patients to stay always updated with all the important information and it enables them to access all of it on any device.

Increased Medication Care

If you take up android healthcare application development patients will be send patients reminders to ensure timely medicine in taking. This makes medical treatment more effective.

Analytics and Administration

Healthcare Mobile App Development services allow store and process huge data of patients. They also offer custom management solutions for hospitals.

What is the need of Healthcare Solution? (From Business Persepective)

Enhanced reach to people

A digital solution helps to enhance the reach and engagement of the target audience. This would be achieved if you hire Top medical and healthcare app developers for your development and maintenance work.

Increases the sale of your product

An app solution for your healthcare business will increase the sale of your product as you would be able to treat your patients more effectively.

Easy transaction

With digital solutions, people feel safe when it comes to making transactions.

Customers get information more faster

Since everything is available on one tap, customers get accurate information conveniently

Our Diverse Healthcare Solutions

We at B2C Info Solutions offer comprehensive healthcare solutions that could redefine the way people access healthcare services.

Fitness Apps

our experienced developers creates user-friendly mobile applications that allow scheduling a workout, managing diet, tracking daily activities and receiving fitness recommendations and tips from industry experts.

Chronic Disease Tracking Apps

Our mobile app development team builds applications for chronic diseases as well which are connected to other healthcare systems. They allow physicians to track health changes that usually happen with chronic diseases.

Hospital Apps

At B2C Info Solutions, we develop healthcare apps that simplifies the appointments, makes inventory and data management easier and enables healthcare professionals to optimize workflow for better and effective efficiency.

Telehealth Apps

Our mobile app developers create telehealth apps that enable patients and doctors to communicate via video calls. This also helps doctors to provide patients the right advise.

Key Features of Healthcare mobile applications

Our Healthcare app developers have provided to you all the key features that your healthcare mobile solution must have.

Patient Panel

Search Doctors

Users can search number of doctors for consultation by doctor name, specialties and they can view various details such as their experience level, address, consultation charges etc.

Book Video Consultation/ Clinic Visit

In this feature users can book video consultation/ clinic visit or home visit and book the appointment after selecting the payment options.


Users can receive all the upcoming notifications regarding appointments, reschedule appointments, shared medicine orders and follow-up Appointments.

Appointment History Access

Users can see the appointment history details and medicine order. They can download the medicine orders.

Doctor Panel

Manage Profile

The doctors can manage their profile details like qualifications, certification and other major achievements.

Detailed Dashboard

Doctors can view new appointments and rescheduled or cancelled appointments for the selected day. They can view the total number of patients, appointments and follow ups.

Push-up Notification

Doctors can generate and share the medicine order for the attended consultation with the patient.

Cancel Appointment

In this feature, doctors can view the appointment details and cancel appointments by providing the reason behind cancellation. Users will get the notification and email too.

Admin Panel

Powerful Dashboard

Admin gets total number of requests and canceled appointments with the total number of doctors and revenue for the selected date in the dashboard.

Register Doctors

Admin can register new doctors by entering all the contact details, qualifications, consultation charges specialty and other major services.

Manage Services

In this feature, admin can manage consultation services by activating them for the users. The admin can also add and, manage the cancellation charges for the services.

Configure Notification

In this feature, the admin can configure the categories for which the notifications are sent to both patients and doctors.

Other Main Features

Integration of EHR, EMR and HMS

Records all the doctor’s notes and medicine reach and attach them to patient’s records.

Video Session Recording

Doctors have the authority to record sessions for future reference or share with the patients if there is immediate internet disconnection during the session.

Digital Health Records

Securely upload and share health reports with doctors for enhanced health assessments.


Helping customers to pay seamlessly with My wallet option and get refunds easily as well.

Regulatory Compliance & Security

Our healthcare app developers provide you solutions that follows all international standards and regulations.





What Sets B2C Info Solutions Apart from others?

Before you jump to hire healthcare App Developers make sure check our portfolio and these points.

Diverse Industry experience of over 13 years.

Top Medical and Medical Healthcare App Developers

Technical skills required to craft the application

Strictly Adheres Deadlines

100% transparent working culture.

How we work?

Our team of expert and experienced medical app developers follows a full-fledged development process which is mentioned below.

Analysis & Planning

Before we jump onto the development process, everything starts with an idea and a plan.

UI/UX Design

Our creative designers create interactive game-changing UI/UX.

Development Process

Our developers transform your creative idea into viable digital mobile application.


We Test the app for possible bugs and errors before the product is deployed.

Maintenance and Support

B2C Info Solutions offers app maintenance and support to ensure high performance of your mobile application.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Healthcare App Development

How to make a Healthcare App?

Before you jump you can create a healthcare app, initially you need to identify your audience and determine what your app needs will address. For an instance, are you looking to create an app for patients or doctors? Once you have a clear understanding your target audience, you can begin the process of developing and designing the app. Some important things that you must consider includes app security, and privacy and HIPAA compliance. Adding to that the app should be user friendly and easy to navigate.

What is the exact Cost to develop to Healthcare App?

Well, the overall cost of healthcare app development depends on your functionality and geographical location of your development team.

What is the meaning of Healthcare App Development?

To save precious time of both patients and doctors, healthcare mobile apps are designed and developed by many healthcare service providers. It eases the load of hospital in terms of human resources. By Integrating ML/IoT healthcare apps have bought a complete transformation in healthcare industry.

Which is the best Healthcare App Development Company?

B2C Info Solutions is the leading healthcare app development Company. We have a professional team of developers who have worked in this field and have gained over decade experience.

How long does it take to develop a health App?

Just like the development cost, the time taken by development team to create a health depends on various factors. But you can expect it be in between 4 to 12 weeks.



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