Factors you need to consider while hiring react native developers for your project in Pennsylvania

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2 min readApr 21, 2022


Do you want to hire Android App Developers in Pennsylvania and iOS app developers in Pennsylvania? However, finding suitable developers who can meet your expectations and requirements can be so challenging. Before you jump to hire the experienced Mobile App Developers in Pennsylvania , you need to decide the industry experience, skills and technical expertise.

This blog from the leading app development company i.e. B2C Info Solutions brings you some key factors that you need to consider before hiring React Native App Developers.

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What are the responsibilities of a React Native Developer?

To give you a proper view, look at the roles and responsibilities of a react Js Developer.

· Creating Intriguing UI components utilizing React Js Toolkit.

· Building Quality UI code utilizing wireframes and Mock Designs.

· Checking the code continuously to boost the app’s performance.

· Handling App’s state and functional libraries to create effective API and using React JS workflows like Context and Redux APIs to collect computed data from the state.

· Undergoing the QA process, including Integration testing, end-to-end testing, and unit testing as well.

Essential Skills to consider while hiring React Js Developers

Since the technology is quite popular for cross-development. However, you should seek developers having all the necessary duties and perform outcome-oriented jobs. Here are some necessary skills that you need to consider before finalizing any developer.

1. Java Script and EcmaScript- React JS developers should know better JS features, syntax, and functions. They must have experience in DOM manipulation. JavaScript scopes, functions, event bubbling, and hoisting. A structured and in-depth knowledge of EcmaScript is also essential to creating effective and bug-free cross-platform applications.

2. Technical Expertise- The best developer should know about JSON and advanced HTML and RestAPIs. They must know different React core concepts such as JSX, and component lifecycle methods.

3. Testing and Frameworks- React JS developers should be well-versed in using testing frameworks and technologies like Tape, jest, etc. They must be proficient in integration testing tools in karma.

Final Words

ReactJS offers many advantages including easy coding, maintenance across the SDLC enhanced productivity, and quick rendering of robust products. To enjoy all the benefits, you need to get on board an experienced React Development Company. With a reliable organization, you can build a high-performing product.



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