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Technology has impacted our lives in more ways than we expected, smartphones have played a huge role to play this shift. Whether it is about money transfer, shopping online, ordering food and a lot more, we can do all of these with the swipe of our fingers. All of this evolves customer expectations and needs to get their instant need fulfilled.

This enhanced demand has paved the way for the best on-demand mobile app development company like B2C Info Solutions to bring some innovative on-demand concepts.

If you are someone who is looking to gather important information about on-demand app solutions then this blog from the leading on-demand mobile app development company is just crafted for you.

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What are on-demand apps and How does it work?

An on-demand service app is a mobility solution that works as the facilitator between consumers and service providers; basically, it bridges the gap between both parties. Here is the overall working of on-demand apps.

· The user places a request for something specific.

· The app connects the user’s request with an appropriate and available service provider

· Provider authenticates the request and approves it.

· The service that users request are quickly delivered to their preferred location

· Confirmation of delivery takes place between the consumer and the delivery personnel.

Different types of on-demand business models

Here are different models of on-demand

· Person to Person- The mobile app serves as an interface between the service provider and the person who wants it.

· Business to Consumer (B2C)- This is an on-demand delivery app model that connects the end-users with the enterprise directly.

· Business to Business (B2B)- In this model, one enterprise sells products and services to other enterprises.

Perks of on-demand Apps

· Secured and scalable

· Offer unlimited business opportunities

· User activity analytics

· Measurable online presence

· Customer service enhancement

Tech stack of an on-demand app

Here is the list of core technologies that are required for on-demand app development.

· Languages- PHP, swift, flutter, kotlin, flutter, CSS3, HTML, JS.

· Database- MySQL, PostgreSQL

· Hosting platform- AWS

· Analytics- Google Analytics, Amazon EMR

· Utilities- Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3

How much does it cost to develop a delivery app for on-demand services?

This depends on several factors and here are some aspects that will clearly estimate the cost.

· Modules and functionalities of your app

· Size and geographic location

· Complexity of design

· Tools, framework, and tech stack

· Purpose of developing the system

· The expected outcomes

· Total number of platforms for the app

· Backend infrastructure and administration

· Services and integration

Final words

B2C Info Solutions is a tech partner for over 900 clients now located across the globe. And we bring game-changing tech solutions helping you to bring more revenue to your doors. If you are a specific company willing to collaborate with an IT partner then we love to serve you for on-demand app development or customized software development.

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